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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Until Darkness Comes by Melynda Price - Where Finding Mr Perfect Becomes a Battle of Good vs Evil

Until Darkness Comes (Redemption Series)

Finding Mr. Perfect can be difficult. The path would be paved with roadblocks along the way.  But what if two mystical forces - where good versus evil - would come into play to win your heart?

On that note, I just thought I'd share this lovely video about this newly-released book by Author Melynda Price. I've learned about her book, Until Darkness Comes (Redemption Series) through one of my facebook friends, Connie Kline (Editor).

What actually drove me to share this with all of you is because I've always loved stories of good versus evil with a romantic twist. After seeing the video below about this book (that encapsulates everything that's bound to be a good and thrilling read), I knew that I must share this information with you.

Watch the video below to take a peek at what the story is about.

Amazon's copy of the book is offered at a considerable price.

You may get your copy of the book here: Until Darkness Comes (Redemption Series)

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