FYI: This is My 2nd Blog

Hi there! You're here at my second blog where I do interviews and book reviews.

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5 Rules

Now that you're here at my second blog,
"SittieCates Loves Stories", here's something to keep in mind...

The 5 Rules 
by SittieCates

One: It's a must to have an insatiable appetite for books to truly enjoy reading. If you don't have that, find that within you, and develop that growing interest day by day.

Two: Have a place of one's own. A special nook. A quiet room. A favorite spot in the park so you could just lose yourself in the author's work and relish the experience.

Three: Quote the author if you like. Cherish his/her work. Try to notice how lovingly and painstakingly it was created to be enjoyed by many.

Four: No one is too old to have time to read. No one is too silly or weird to be seen burying one's head in a good read. Never ever forget that there is a child in you who is just waiting for your acknowledgement. Enjoy that part of you. Nurture it.

Five: If you really love books, share that love with someone else. A friend. A parent. A child. Just share it. Let it grow like apples on trees. Soon, you'll see that you have created a story. By then, you'll understand why authors take ample time to prepare everything. By then, I'm sure, you'll know. :-)