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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Upcoming Book (Book Preview/Teaser)

Hi there!

To give you a hint on why I'm busy nowadays, here's a preview/teaser on one of the book titles I'm working on. I'll be revealing more about this and the other titles soon.

Do stay tuned! Thanks! ;-)

Everyone, I just changed some settings there at my YouTube account so please go to this LINK instead to view the video since it won't show here.  Or, if you already clicked on the play button here, just click on the link "Watch on YouTube" to see the video. Thanks. ;-)


  1. Awwww....can't view the also blocked here :-(

    1. Hmmm... That's OK, Aileen. Just click on "Watch on YouTube" after the note on "Embedding disabled by request" that you would see when you click on the play button here on this video.

      I forgot to inform everyone that I've recently changed some settings there at my YouTube account. So, you may need to go directly on YouTube on the link provided at "Watch on YouTube" for this video.

      Thanks for dropping by, sis! ;-)