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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Of eBooks for Kids

Remember that novella that I was working on? Frankly, I haven’t gotten ‘round to finishing that because of work and stuff. But, I will make it available soon. Promise.

For now, I’ve got some eBooks to share. One is coming out soon. In fact, it would be up this week. I’m truly excited! Here's the video for that one: "Sleepyhead? NOT!" Children's Book Trailer.

I’m having my eBooks available live online, one by one, for the next few weeks, so you won’t mind waiting a bit longer for that novella that I told you about in an earlier post.

While you're waiting, perhaps, you may want to read my post on “Writing for Kids” at my other blog while you stay tuned for updates.

I’m keeping this short for now. I’ll see you next post! ;-)

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