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Friday, December 27, 2013

Author Interview: SittieCates Interviews Author Allison Hawn

 Allison Hawn

SittieCates: Could you tell us a bit about yourself, Allison?

Allison Hawn: Well, I grew up moving around the United States with my musician mother and younger twin brothers. I have spent a vast majority of my life vacillating between wanting to become a pirate or velociraptor. Unable to fulfill those two vocational goals, I eventually settled for social worker, self-defense instructor, author and adventure collector.

SittieCates: A pirate or a velociraptor? Interesting goals when you were younger. I wonder what would happen if you were able to pursue that. 

You've mentioned being a social worker. Which brings me to my next question: On your author biography online, it was indicated that you hold a degree in psychology. Why did you choose to embrace the writing career path while also being involved in working with the homeless population, victims of domestic violence and other worthy causes?

Allison Hawn: Writing has been a part of my life since I figured out how letters worked when I was four (though, sometimes the letter “Q” still confounds me). It’s always been there for me, like some strange persistent friend who insists I pay attention to it by poking me in the eyeball and demanding I hang out with it. As I got into social work and began working with situations that were often disheartening, writing became more than that persistent friend. Writing has become something on which I can rely on to bring me out of myself for a little bit. It helps me help others by making me less of a nutjob at work. 

SittieCates: What inspired you to write and publish your first book, "Life is a Circus Run by a Platypus?"

Allison Hawn: Have you ever had a story that all of your friends find so entertaining that they beg you to tell it over and over again? “Life is a Circus Run by a Platypus” is the result of having so many of those types of stories that it was simply more practical for me to write them and let people read them instead of verbally telling them repeatedly. Plus, I had a few friends who said that if I didn’t start writing some of the crazy things I’ve done, seen and been a part of, they might shoot me.

SittieCates: I understand that you admire the works of Patrick F. McManus, Dave Barry and Agatha Christie. What qualities in their works have managed to creep in your work, your writing skills or practices?

Allison Hawn: Patrick F. McManus and Dave Barry both had a wonderful way of taking everyday life and making it entertaining. Both authors took situations that most people would find “kinda-funny” or “odd” and turned them into stories that inspired side-splitting riots of laughter.

While my writing style is… shall we say, a bit more surreal than either McManus or Barry, I find myself often viewing everyday life in a perspective of, “What makes this unique?” Agatha Christie’s writings taught me many things. Probably the most important lesson that her books taught me is that anyone can be interesting, you just have to find what makes them interesting.

SittieCates: Thanks for sharing that, Allison. 

Moving on to my next question... 

Every author has their own writer's voice. Could you tell us more about your own writing voice and why you're most comfortable in using that?

Allison Hawn: I prefer first-person pirate speak. However, my publisher wasn’t really on board with that idea. My stories tend to read just like I would actually verbally tell them in real life, so there’s a good mix of first, second and third person narrative throughout. Several readers have told me that they can actually picture having a conversation with me as I tell these stories.

SittieCates: I'm sure most of the readers would love to know more about your first published book. Would you kindly share some information about it?

Allison Hawn: “Life is a Circus Run by a Platypus” is a collection of true, bizarre, short stories taken from my life. My friends like to call me a “Magnet for Weird,” as it seems that no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I will be the person who ends up mysteriously wearing an orange boa, at eight in the morning, bestowed upon me by a drunk transvestite. My stories are provided due to my utter lack of shame and my desire to make people smile. 

SittieCates: It'll be 2014 in a few short days. I'm curious. What's in store for next year? Is there another book in the making that you want your readers to know? 

Allison Hawn: I am currently working on a second book. When it will be done, who can say? If you can say, then I have several other future events I would like to know about as well, you mind reader, you. 

SittieCates: Lucky guess, I think. 

Is there any message/s that you  would like to share with followers of the blog and interested readers of your work?

Allison Hawn: I guess the messages I want people to take away from my life and my book is; don't take life too seriously and always make room to laugh at yourself. The person who can turn a string of bad luck into a funny adventure, as bizarre as it may be, is the one who will never be short of friends and will never cease to have a little bit of magic in their lives. 

SittieCates: Those are lovely messages, Allison.

One last question. Where can readers find you?

Allison Hawn: If you're interested in “Life is a Circus Run by a Platypus” it can be found on:

If you want more information about me, you can follow me on:

SittieCates: Thank you so much for sharing the links, Allison. I had a lovely time interviewing you. Best of luck to you!


  1. I have come across Ms. Hawn's book through various Facebook posts, but until I read this interview I hadn't felt inspired to look it up on Amazon. What piqued my interest was learning which authors had influenced her. Well done, Cates! That's the purpose of an author interview, isn't it?

    1. Thank you, Sue. Yes, it is. That's one of the purposes of an author interview: Learning more about the author. That and also to help showcase their work/s so that other people who are interested in that particular genre would learn about it. Allison Hawn has written an interesting book. Why don't you check it out, and read her blog to know more about her?