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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#Book #Reviews: The Tegen Cave, Vril Codex II and Princesses Don’t Get Fat

Note: The authors of these respective books graciously gave me a free copy of their works in exchange for honest reviews. 

I like how the story presented mysterious incidents that took place at the beginning and at certain parts of the book. But with regards to one of the main character's predicaments that she can't seem to control, I wish she had shown more willpower to fight it.

Detail-wise, something in the plot made my stomach act up a bit. Thankfully, it was done sparingly—enough to make me continue and momentarily forget that I was getting kind of queasy. I can’t tell you much about that because if I do, I would be adding some spoilers here. You’ll just have to find out for yourself.

While I like the first book more, this second book of Vril Codex was also enjoyable. Errors aside, the tale presented certain twists that enticed me to read on. It was nice to see some images included in the book, but I would've preferred to see them at the end of the tale or before the story begins. As a whole, the tale was interesting.

This is a very cute story that I think young ladies (middle graders and tweens) would enjoy. The main character’s thoughts and reactions to the situations she found herself brought into were interesting to read. I also like it because it is a feel-good tale which weaved in the lesson of learning what makes one special and the realization that there are people who'll accept you for who you are.