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Friday, March 30, 2012

Free eBooks for Making Your Life's Story Truly Inspirational

(These free ebooks are available at Celestine Chua's site, Personal Excellence.)

I love stories garnered from books but I also love observing the stories that people can magically spin and weave into their own lives. 

For as long as I can remember, I love being a people watcher. Even in an actual highly stressful scene, I like to be detached in a way, and see how others perform. Sometimes, I choose to give in, but most of the times, I just observe what's happening around me. In these moments, I notice how some people can be angelic in most ways or how their devilish nature is provoked. 

There are times that I'm happy to see that I could relate to these things that are consciously or unconsciously shared, and acknowledge that my life is similar to theirs in many ways. 

I highly admire how others have healed their own hurts and emerged stronger from their past failures.How they were able to lose pounds off of their bodies or gained weight and sculpted their physique. How they bravely faced their fears and eradicated the heavy emotional baggage off of their hearts. I am also in awe of those - whom by birth or a sudden twist of fate - have been physically bruised but have stayed strong and became one of those inspirational people to grace the earth's surface. 

Yeah, it's truly amusing to be a people watcher. I guess most writers are as such.  

And so, for this post, I share some of the books that keep me from utter despair and despondency, and continue to uplift me to heights where all my goals are. I share these books so you can weave in the necessary materials in your own lives to make it an inspiring one that you'll be happy to have and that others can learn much from.

Don't you think it's high time that you embraced your own life? I'm sure that these ebooks (and some of the other free ebooks that Celes offers at her site) may help you mold your own life's story the way you've always wanted it to be. The books are in pdf format and are offered free for downloading. You may check them out at the official site at Personal Excellence. Enjoy!

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