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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Glorious Rainy Saturdays

the days of rain

Rain, rain and more rain. Isn't it such a lovely day? Oh, you betcha! ;-) You may want to read my views about the rainy season and how I see it as a special form of blessing from the skies at my other blog, SC (The Musings of a Hopeful Pecunious Wordsmith - SittieCates). Just click HERE to be redirected to that new post.

By the way, I'll be uploading another author interview soon and I hope you'd have the time to drop by and see who would be featured next. Here's a clue: She's a very talented author and poet and has published three books in her name. ;-) I'm so thrilled to feature her and I hope that you'll be waiting for that post soon. Thank you so much! Have a glorious rainy Saturday! 

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