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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Author Interview: SittieCates Interviews Joie Schmidt

Author of Inspirational Poetry Books, Dreams of the Heart Volume 1 and Volume 2

A single word is beautiful, especially when it is used in poetry, and matched with a couple of lines to make the essence complete. It can speak of inspirational musings, of love and longing, and all those various emotions.

For this author interview, I’m featuring one of those whom, I know, understand the art of mixing words and phrases, and creating beautiful poems from the heart - Joie Schmidt, inspirational poet and author of three poetry books, Dreams of the Heart Volumes 1 and 2, and Keep Joy in a Pocket & Love in a Heart Locket.

SittieCates: Hello, Joie Schmidt! Thank you for the pleasure of gracing us with your presence and allowing me to host you at my blog, SLS (SittieCates Loves Stories). I’ve noticed that you love to write inspirational poetry. Could you tell us more about your love for poetry? How did this penchant for poetry start?

Joie Schmidt: I’d like to start by thanking you with all my heart for honoring me with this kind of interview.  It was a surprise and a true blessing when I received your email. I’m truly grateful.

It’s interesting. I actually started writing poetry because I once read that as a writer it’s important to write something new every single day.  I’ve been writing in a diary since elementary school. I started writing poetry when I felt the need to talk to someone, but no one was around or whatever I was going through felt too personal to share with anyone directly. 

SittieCates: Thank you for sharing that. It’s nice to know that writing poetry had served as a much-needed outlet for you, Joie.

I understand that you admire William Shakespeare, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Robert Frost. Usually, when we admire other famous people, particular characteristics that we like about them would somehow rub off on us, too. Could you tell us any particular trait/s that you like or prefer, and have tried to emulate from these famous writers?

Joie Schmidt: This is a great question.  Shakespeare’s work has always been filled with romance and the ability to elicit great emotion. It’s timeless and beautiful.  It has the ability to touch every single person’s heart because it’s filled with universal truths and dreams.  F. Scott Fitzgerald has the ability to literally make me feel like I’m in every scene, feeling the breeze, smelling the flowers, a part of the journey.  Robert Frost has the gift of innocent, subtle genius.  His words can be quite detailed and sophisticated and suddenly switch to more simplistic verses that deeply touch the heart and leaves me forever changed for the better; so simple, yet so profoundly beautiful.

SittieCates: That’s a wonderful way to describe your admiration for them, Joie! Just reading that makes me feel that I’m there listening to one of your poetry reading sessions. J

What about JK Rowling and Agatha Christie? What is/are their particular trait/s that you would like to imbibe in your own writing?

Joie Schmidt: I’m very grateful for these thoughtful, considerate questions.  When it comes to JK Rowling, there’s a very important reason why I look up to her.  She is, in a sense, a “north star” for me.  She represents the fact that her success is possible, that you can and will achieve it.  Her writing has a playful childlike wonder and sense to it, with actively intriguing story lines that constantly move forward with interesting unexpected turns and adventures.  On the other hand, Agatha Christie’s books are, I believe, the #3 most widely read books in the world.  Her writing is very detailed and sophisticated.  The blend of both styles creates a beautiful, magical dream.
SittieCates: I have gathered that your compilation of books on poetry, “Dreams of the Heart volume 1 & 2” focus more on “life, love, loss and hope” (in that order as it is stated at your website). Is this collection/compilation really saying something about your own life? Is it kind of autobiographical in nature?

Joie Schmidt: Thank you for this beautiful question.  Yes, both volumes of “Dreams of the Heart” are definitely about real life experiences.  There are also some poems that are a bit more artistic in nature and simply written out of a deep appreciation of life’s mysteries and splendor.

SittieCates: I understand that getting published was one of your dreams before. How did you feel when you finally had your first book published under your name and made available to a lot of people out there?

Joie Schmidt: It was and still is an amazing, incredible, humbling feeling. 

SittieCates: I believe it is so. ;-) 

Aside from those volumes of poetry, I understand that you recently published another book, “Keep Joy in a Pocket & Love in a Heart Locket” which mainly contains inspirational and fun quotes that people can use everyday. Could you tell us more about this book?

Joie Schmidt: Yes, it’s my 3rd book and it was inspired by the idea that people love fun, inspirational, meaningful quotes they can easily remember and say throughout their day.  Quotes like “Shoot for the moon and you’ll be among the stars” and “We must be the change we wish to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi) are loved all over the world. 

While working on my dreams, quotes have been a very profound part of my inspiration.   

There have been many quotes that I’ve read that have actually changed my life instantaneously.  Quotes like “If you can dream it, you can do it” (Walt Disney) and “Everyone has something vital you need to know, listen” (unknown) have helped keep me striving, consistently toward my dreams.  

I also realized that most people are very busy.  That’s why quotes are so powerful, the great ones are easy to remember, and life changing.  I wrote the “Dreams of the Heart” series as a symbol of inspiration, hope, and love, to show everyone that no matter what you go through in life, you can and will always come out of it stronger, wiser and better than ever before. 

I realized the message in these books could be distilled and made even more powerful by taking the most memorable verses from the poems and putting them in a separate book of their own.

SittieCates: Creating another book, to carry that message further, is a great option that you had taken, Joie.  

For “Dreams of the Heart,” do you have any favorite poem that you would like to share with us?

Joie Schmidt: Well, I love different poems for different reasons, but this one came to mind immediately after reading your question, so I knew it was the one to share:

“Dreams of the Heart”

The dreams of the heart
Are beyond overwhelming
Like a sunset bursting beautiful
Pouring streams
Of majestic magic
Of the immaculate spirit
A creative cascading soul
Spreading love and hope
Into the forgotten world
Embracing watchful oceans
And turning skies
Melting into
Changing rivers
The vision survives

Joie Schmidt © Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.

SittieCates: That is so beautiful! Could you tell us why you chose that poem?

Joie Schmidt: For some reason, I just felt it fit very well for this interview.  I have chosen different poems to share for different interviews, but this one felt perfect for yours.  It’s also the poem that inspired both the theme and title of the “Dreams of the Heart” series.

SittieCates: I love it! Yes, it’s perfect for this interview. Thank you.

For “Keep Joy in a Pocket & Love in a Heart Locket,” do you have any favorite lines or quotes to share to our readers and followers?

Joie Schmidt: Yes, definitely!  I’m so grateful you asked. The title, “Keep joy in a pocket & love in a heart locket” as well as “And, blessings unto you dearest angels, be not ever blue, for He has always loved you.”

SittieCates: I love inspirational quotes and I’ll definitely take note of these, Joie.

Let’s have a flashback. We would like to know who you were before you had achieved publication. Who was Joie Schmidt then?

Joie Schmidt: Interesting question… Well, before I was published, I had already decided that writing was my greatest passion and had been pursuing it with online publications for about 4 years. 

When I was a little girl I’d already written a couple of books (just for fun, even self-illustrated them). I’d also kept a diary most of my life.

Someone once told me that it’s very important to write something new every day, because it helps you get comfortable with your “writer’s voice” and it becomes very natural. And it’s very true; writing every day, whether it’s a quick email to a friend, a poem, or short little piece - all helps to improve your writing skills.

It’s very similar to the concept behind exercising, the more often you take jogs, lift weights at the gym, etc. the more your body becomes conditioned to that particular exercise.  If you can think, you can write.  If you can walk, you can run.  To excel, you must put that specific skill into consistent, daily action.  Make it become an integral part of your life; make it become a part of who you are.

I also once read that in order to write well, you must read voraciously.  So, in a two-year period of time, I read over 50 books written by some of the most successful, brilliant minds of our time. 

Some people have joked that it was like receiving a Master’s in “Power of the Mind” andLaws of Attraction” because that was the main focus of each book I read.  It was one of the very best things I could’ve ever done for myself.  It makes your mind unshakeable so that you know, without a doubt in your mind, that not only are all your dreams possible, they will and are all coming true.  Your thoughts are like seeds, your steps plant them, and your consistent, persistent efforts, water them.  So that, eventually, with time, a great deal of patience, belief and hard work, the field of your dreams will bloom far greater than you could ever fully imagine!

SittieCates: I really like how you choose your words in describing things. That’s a very admirable trait.

Joie, I’m sure that our readers and followers would like to know how you moved from who you were to who you are now. What were the things that you had done to achieve your publication goals?

Joie Schmidt: Well, it’s interesting because I’ve actually been doing the exact same things I was doing before I was a published author as I’m doing now. 

The only difference is that, with time, more people know your name, know your reputation and give you more opportunities, and ask to work with you because of it. 

Thus, you might be working more on other things, but those projects are still pursued with the same intent.  Additionally, I’ve always done my best to help support others, do volunteer work, work on creative dreams and spend time with loved ones and friends.  And, whenever something’s caught my interest, I’ve asked about it to see if I could participate, help or be a part of it.

That’s it, just doing the same things and, with time, as a result, more people know my work and recognize who I am.

SittieCates: Thanks for sharing that.

Joie, I saw that you have a set of interviews that you are busy with. Could you share details about these events for the benefit of our readers and followers?

Joie Schmidt: Well, there are several interviews I’ve listed on my website from the past, here’s the link so your readers can check them out if they’d like ( One is a recorded radio interview that was live on “The Reading Circle” with Marc Medley WP88.7 FM ( ). For now, I know that I have an upcoming interview that will be featured on the in the coming weeks.  And for the future, I do my best to update my author/artist page as much as possible so your readers and followers can visit and “like” my page to stay up to date:

SittieCates: Will take note of these things, Joie. By the way, there's this novel series that I heard you would like to work on. Could you tell us more about this?

Joie Schmidt: Yes, the dream has always been to write a novel series that will be made into a movie series.  However, as projects and opportunities come along, you remain open to them and commit yourself to those that touch your heart the most.

SittieCates: Before having “Dreams of the Heart” volumes 1 & 2 and “Keep Joy in a Pocket and Love in a Heart Locket” published, did you have any other earlier works that you had written and published before (in school/university)?

Joie Schmidt: Before my books, I was publishing articles and poems online, I also created a blog called “Make the Most of Your Time” ( which I still post to from time to time.

SittieCates: What or who had inspired you to publish your own books?

Joie Schmidt: Well, I started writing books when I was a little girl, but I guess from that point on, I always somehow knew writing was my greatest passion.  I’d planned on writing a novel series for a while, but after many people told me I should, I decided to publish a book of poetry.  Then, after “Dreams of the Heart” volume I was published, I was inspired to create volume II, as well as the meaningful, special book “Keep Joy in a Pocket & Love in a Heart Locket.”

SittieCates: At your website, I saw that you mentioned that you have an art/photography collection. Could you share more information about this?

Joie Schmidt: I’m very grateful you noticed. There are many things that have inspired me to pursue all the artistic interests in my heart with no limits, and, so I have; among some of them are taking pictures and drawing.  I’ve always loved and admired beautiful photography, both realistic pictures and artistically enhanced pieces.  I’ve also always loved Japanese anime.  Something about the clean, cool lines and strong details attracts my attention.  While writing will always be my greatest passion, other artistic pursuits hold a very special place in my heart.  Someday, I’d like to have my pictures in an art gallery for display and purchase.

SittieCates: Aside from these things, do you have any other current or upcoming projects that you would like to share with us?

Joie Schmidt: Yes, I have some projects in the mix… they’ll be announced as they’re finalized J

SittieCates: Could you tell us more about your writing projects for the TV show, “Kids on the Porch?”

Joie Schmidt: Yes, thank you for asking!  I actually, called the producer, Rayna Ray, after reading this question to ask her what I could say about my work with this beautiful TV show.  I’m honored, humbled and blessed to say I’m a writer for this production.  Currently, I’ve written one episode for the “tween” category, 4th graders approximately, and am looking forward to writing the entire series as well as other upcoming scripts.  The “tween” episode is based on a true story that was in the news about two 4th grade girls, suggested by Rayna.  I’d like to share some links for “Kids on the Porch” to spread the word about this beautiful cast and production.  Facebook:, Website:, Youtube:

SittieCates: All right. I took note of those, too. J

Aside from writing, engaging in poetry readings and handling interviews, what else is keeping you busy nowadays?

Joie Schmidt: Recently, I’ve been becoming more involved in studying the bible with two very beautiful angel friends, with hearts of gold, the type of ladies you meet for the very first time and know without a doubt in your heart that you can trust them completely.  I also do my best to keep up with friends and loved ones, exercise, visit artistic and music venues, etc.

SittieCates: It’s really inspiring and admirable that you have a lot of interesting things going on in your life. How do you manage to keep your feet still stuck on the ground with all the success that you’ve recently achieved?

Joie Schmidt: I was an abandoned baby and have learned to make my family in the world.  So, when anyone could truly be your family, you look at the world very differently.  You risk more; you have exceptional gratitude in your heart for even the smallest gestures knowing in the back of your mind that your own flesh and blood didn’t have the time to give you love or attention.  So, if anyone takes the time to do anything for you it’s a gift and a miracle that you cherish completely.  Sometimes, it’s your silence between connections with people that speaks volumes for the gratitude in your heart that goes beyond words. When strangers or people you don’t know very well, take the time to show you love, support your work, etc. and your own blood abandoned you, it’s beyond humbling, an experience you’ll never fully be able to explain to others, but somehow you know, over time, they’ll understand, see your heart and love you for it.

SittieCates: Thank you so much for sharing this information, Joie. When I read your answer, it actually struck a chord in my heart. Yes, I agree that the world can be your family and, I pray, that your own flesh and blood will also love you, too, in time.

Let’s talk about giving advice. What advice would you share to other aspiring poets who would like to publish their own book of poetry?

Joie Schmidt: Over time, I’ve realized, there’s no one way to get to where you dream of going.  I’ve been in contact with bestsellers who have self-published and bestsellers who went the traditional route.  I know writers who’ve created their own radio shows, created inspirational groups, held writing classes, and more.

More than anything, it’s made me realize that the best advice you can ever give anyone is be yourself, risk whenever you can, create doors when some “appear” to be closed, believe in your dreams, and persevere.  Your success, humility and courage to be yourself inspire others and give them confidence to follow their own paths; in turn, making the world an even more beautiful place.  Each of us is completely unique; each of us - no matter what artistic business or other pursuit we go after - will never be exactly the same as another person.

That’s when you realize, there’s absolutely no competition except within you. People will always want to read a new book, see a new movie; listen to a beautiful new song. 
Therefore, truly, you’re the only one who determines the success of your dreams, the only one who will have the discipline to keep working and persevering.  You’re the only one who’ll find the windows when some doors have shut, the only person who’ll keep going and keep finding the necessary hope, support, and genuine love along the way to make all your dreams come true!  And, trust me, everywhere you go people will instantly fall in love with your artistic dreams because it reflects the angelic beauty in your heart!

SittieCates: Very beautifully said! Absolutely wonderful advice. I really, really love it! J

Anything else that you would like to share with our readers and followers?

Joie Schmidt: Yes, I’ve mentioned this before, but I truly believe that “God only continues to bless those who continue to bless other people.” As long as you’re a blessing to others, your gifts will be treasured by others.  I try to keep this philosophy close to my heart in all aspects of my life.  It’s a work in progress, but that’s the beauty of life…

SittieCates: That's a lovely quote to end this author interview. Once again, thank you so much, Joie!

All right, people. There you have it. Inspirational author and poet - Joie Schmidt, whom, I'm sure, would be continuously inspiring others to reach for their dreams with her thankful heart, her books and her other projects. 


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