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Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Review on the New York Times Bestselling Book: Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting

Lynn Grabhorn’s “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings” was handed to me by my niece, Abigail, at a time when I was searching for more answers and finding myself hitting a dead end for more times than I can count.

I know about “The Secret” and had watched it over and over while it was in its heightened success. I was also aware of the Law of Attraction and other laws of nature because of this old book that I found forlornly sitting at my brother’s desk when I was in high school that mentioned some of these things. (I was searching for something to use for a Book Report that time and I thought that was the book that I needed; but it proved to be more than I was expecting to get.)

After I read that book in high school, I searched for more books in the same genre, and a couple of them became part of my collection. However, there was still something missing.

When my niece suggested I read this book authored by Lynn Grabhorn, I thought it was merely like the other books that I’ve already read (which would give something meaningful but then hold something back, too). I was proven wrong, and believe me, I am thankful for that.

Grabhorn’s bestselling book talks about feelings being a huge part of our lives. It highlights the fact that luck - whether bad or good - is influenced by the feelings we have. It shows why most of our goals and dreams remain as such without reaching that stage when it would wonderfully materialize in our lives. It shows how simple it would to be to realize that there’s more to life if we would only pay attention and acknowledge the feelings we have.

When I read a few pages, I was hooked! This is one of those books that I find to be so interesting and thought-provoking that I would often place a bookmark, put it down, and ponder on what I’ve just read.

The ideas presented in the book are so simple. It provides an easy-read with a delightful dash of humor and a striking honesty for the true-to-life experiences that were shared by the author.

What’s more, the book has lots of simple explanations and examples for those who would like to try the tips.  

I actually love it so much that I bring it everywhere I go. Yes, I really, really love this book! It’s so engaging and easy to read but I just can’t explain why, up to now, I haven’t finished the book yet (when, normally, I would finish a book in no time at all before the sun sets for that day). I guess it’s because I’m learning something so simple that it feels crazy not knowing about it before. I’m really so thankful that Lynn Grabhorn wrote this and shared it to the public. I am also so thankful that my niece talked me into reading it.

When you have dreams or goals that have been in the backburner for sometime, if you’re wondering why you have tough situations and are feeling totally depressed, perhaps, you’d also like to read what I’m learning from Lynn Grabhorn’s Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings.” It’s truly one of the best books around, and I highly, highly recommend it to booklovers like me.

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