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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Book Updates on My Book and Reading Catching Fire

I created this one. This is not the whole image. Just got a portion of it. 
This is also part of the final book video and book cover of Bookworm.

This was taken by my niece, Abigail. These hands belong to two different guys - actually, my nephews, Paul and Jinggo. I’m so thankful for their help and participation. This photo is part of the
final book video of Bookworm that will be uploaded soon.

Are you waiting for the upcoming release of my book, Bookworm? I'm already done with the final book video, but I'm still in the editing process of the book. I know. I didn't realize that it would take that long, too. ;-) Frankly, I'm afraid the publication might be bumped by next month. I'll keep you posted on what happens.

For the meantime, here's the first book video I've uploaded before. Sharing it with you once again. Yes, that’s my voice. ;-) Just click on this YOUTUBE LINK to view the video. 

The final book video will be uploaded soon. And it's longer than this one - without my voice but with music.

Currently, aside from editing my book, I'm reading and studying "Catching Fire" - the second book of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read it while I'm on the road, while I'm waiting, and before I sleep.

I'm at page 180, and I couldn't wait to know what would happen in the next pages.

I can't stay long here at the Internet Cafe. Have to rush home. It's my daughter's birthday today. Happy, happy birthday, beh! Love you.

Gotta go! Do stay tuned for updates on my book. I'll see you next post! ;-)

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