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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One to Six - A Movie and Books

   Copyright 2012.

I know I’ve said - over and over - that I am so in love with books. Wrap a movie on one or two, and you have my undivided attention. Just don’t forget the coffee, okay? ;-)

When movies are created from books, oftentimes, I’d bury my head in the book before seeing the movie. While I can later say that the film was spectacular with all the effects, heart-stopping action, and heightened dramatic moments, I still find much pleasure in learning what really happened in the author’s tale - written in his or her own style.

But last time, I deviated a bit. That last time was last night.

I’ve watched The Hunger Games (which was written by Suzanne Collins). It really made me jump from my seat - literally!

Now I guess, for some, watching the movie first would lessen the appeal of the book. Not with me. 

So why didn’t I read the story first?

It’s because I was finishing another book, “Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life,” written by Wendy Mass, that my daughter urged me to read because, she said, it’s something that I can relate to.

I finished it awhile ago, and yes, she’s right. I definitely loved it! It’s great for children and teenagers because the main character is a kid - turning thirteen in a few months. Adults, who love to read and who are curious enough to find what the meaning of life is, will also adore it. Writers, who wish to have their own books published (either online or in print), can also learn much from the story by taking note of how the author made the story flow beautifully because, one has to keep in mind that not every writer can sustain the attention of the reader from start to finish.

(Which reminds me, I’ve read a book that’s got an impressive start, but its magic started to lose its power in the middle, and it completely lost me at the end. My niece, who lent me that one, told me she noticed that, too, and was wondering what went wrong. I won’t mention this book. Sorry. My heart goes out to the author, though. I know it’s really hard to keep your readers near all throughout your tale since I write, too. So, with due respect, I won’t mention that one.)

So, hey! How come the title of this blog post is One to Six? One is about the movie that I’ve just shared. And six is the number of books I’ve finished for a few days.

   Copyright 2012.

Here are the titles that I’ve read recently:

1. The Perfect Baby Handbook: A Guide to Excessively Motivated Parents
Lent by my niece. A real hoot! Totally made me laugh and cry at the same time because it was so hilarious. It took all my strength to refrain from bringing this everywhere and reading it at public places because I just couldn’t stop laughing. I did it once and people looked at me like I was loony. lol! So, I had to leave it at home and read it in the morning or late at night instead. (Didn't take a photo of this since I already gave the book back.)

2. She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb (a Number 1 New York Times Bestseller and included in Book OPRAH’S Club)
Why should you read it? Aside from it being a bestseller and part of the Book Club of Oprah, you’ll really feel involved in the character’s touching tale.

3. A Perfect Life by Kate Thompson
This is about three women who lead different lifestyles, and each try to make their lives perfect. I bought this because I was drawn to the title. It’s a great page-turner.

4. Skin Hunger by Kathleen Duey
Hauntingly addictive. I have yet to find the next book in that series. This book is part of my daughter’s collection. I read it to study books in that age group.

5. Operation Sunshine by Jenny Colgan
I got this at BookSale. It’s an engaging, funny story.

6. Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass
If you want to know the meaning of life, better read this one.

 Copyright 2012.

My next victim… er… book to read is… Yes, you guessed it right! The Hunger Games. There are three books in the collection, and after I post this, and do some more editing for my upcoming book, Bookworm, I’ll start with the first one. Care to join me? Or shall I see you next post? ;-)

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