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Sunday, September 30, 2012

SittieCates Interviews Author Devika Primic

 Author of Numerous eBooks

SittieCates: Hello, Devika! It’s great to have you here at my blog.

Before we start with the questions on writing, I’m really curious about your name. Does it have a certain meaning? Is that your real name or is it a pseudonym?

Devika Primic: Yes, it is my real name. Devika means Goddess.

SittieCates: I see. Such a lovely meaning.

All right, Devika, I’m sure that people would like to know you better. So, let’s dwell on your personal background. Would you like to share some information about yourself or your family?

Devika Primic: I am South African of Indian origin, seeking a new beginning in a foreign country. I immigrated to Croatia ten years ago, and lived at the southernmost part called Konavle. My life changed in many ways since living in a new country. But, so far, I have adjusted to the many challenges, and now I’m enjoying my new life.

SittieCates: Thank you for sharing that. So when did your love for writing start?

Devika Primic: I started writing in 1997 but I’ve never had any of my projects published until 2008.

SittieCates: How did you develop your voice in writing? Were you inspired by anyone?

Devika Primic: My son inspired me. That is how I strived further in this field, and started writing on various topics.

SittieCates: Before you got into book publishing, Devika, I understand that you tried online writing. I saw some of your works at Triond. Aside from that site, were there other writing sites you’ve shared your articles with?

Devika Primic: I have articles on Hubpages and ExpertsColumn - where I am most active these days.

SittieCates: At your website, you’ve mentioned that you have a “special way of writing.” I’m actually curious of what you have meant by those words. Could you please tell us more about this?

Devika Primic: My special way of writing is the way I think in my articles when I present it to my readers. I write what I know and feel - in a special way that not everyone can do. All my work, my achievements… I feel my writing style is unique.

SittieCates: I see. So, in other words, everything you write is based from your personal knowledge and experience. That’s good, Devika.

From the works you have shared with me, I have noticed that you approach writing by adopting a serious tone and then presenting it in essay form. What made you adopt this?

Devika Primic: I look at life differently as most people would. It is about letting others know the reality of life. My writing is to inform others of what they don’t know or never heard of. And, in explaining the way I do, it gives them the idea of what I am speaking about.

SittieCates: I see.

Currently, a lot of books are being published online and in print. I’m sure my readers and followers would like to know how you handle this sort of competition. What do you do to make your work noticed by people?

Devika Primic: I spend time daily on in promoting my work via social networking sites - adding new keywords (as in tagging the books with words mostly used). This is very important in getting my newly-added Kindle publications to the buyers. I have seen great results in tagging.

I promote my work on the free promotion which helps many Kindle authors as well. Submit a Kindle publication for free promotion for five days and see good results.

I have tried other methods, like the Kindle Library where you can lend your book to a borrower. The more your book is borrowed the greater the chance of getting more sales in the future. Writing articles about the new books I have has increased my readership in the article field as well as Kindle sales.

I also write a different article everyday to keep my readers informed, and it really works.  I often help friends with little favors and it is amazing how word of mouth improves the marketing of any product.

SittieCates: What sort of problems have you encountered when you were starting out with online publication?

Devika Primic: The first time I started writing articles and publishing books, I had no idea of what to expect. I made many mistakes when publishing my first book. I had to make it a perfect one. Rewrite the whole manuscript. Grammar was not good enough. After doing research over and over, I finally got it right.

Article writing was easier. I had to learn from scratch on how to join social sites to increase my views and how a manuscript is accepted. The requirements all had to be in detail and professionally done. The many obstacles had taught me better ideas and got me further in my line of work.

SittieCates: I understand that you’re a self-published author. Why did you choose to go into self-publishing instead of having your books published by a traditional book publisher?

Devika Primic: Well, most self-publishing companies are for free. And I wanted to have a chance of getting my work out to my readers, to become popular in some way. Traditional publishing is a costly affair and, most of the time, authors don’t see their sales. Having to pay upfront fees was not what I had planned.

SittieCates: For the benefit of our readers and followers, would you like to share your book titles and give a little info on each?

Devika Primic: I have one paperback - Raising Teenagers: The Best Way, which is on kindle. My other works are also on kindle.

Raising Teenagers The Best Way

Learning with your teenager is a modern way of raising children. Parents, who don't spend time with their children, don't see any problematic issues at first. Most realize it when it’s too late.

Here are my other works:

The Side Effects of Herbal Teas and Indian Spices

A well-informed Kindle book. The many herbal teas and Indian Spices have been used for centuries for alternative healing or for the relief of pain. In this new kindle edition, you can learn more about the health benefits of each herbal tea and Indian spice, and
gain new knowledge of their side effects.

How to Survive: Living the Positive Way

Focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Override your weaknesses with your good qualities. You will be most optimistic in life if you do your best with a high self-esteem.

The Runaway Teenager (Who Lived an Abusive Life)

A story based on true events with fictional characters in the region of South Africa.
Runaway teenage girls find escape to be the perfect way to get out of their mess. But when they get older, they realize things - if only they could have approached their situation differently.

Mostly, broken or troubled families have such problems. Often, girls are physically abused by at least one of their parents or by a close relative - an issue, which in many cases, is often ignored by their families, and not spoken of by the victim. The lack of love and parental care leads to many unresolved mysteries. A bad childhood doesn't show a promising adulthood for many teenagers.

There are many ways for teenage runaways to hide from their hurt and abusive individuals. Running away doesn't make it any better.

How Do You Know if You have Real Love

What is real love and how do you know if you have this kind of love?
Talks about love and commitment for a relationship to thrive.

Life In Croatia. How Europe Changed my Life

This is an inspiring story about the new life of a foreign woman, a South African of Indian origin now living her life to the fullest in a new country. A strong-willed person who stood her ground no matter what. A free thinker. Made tough choices, but all worked out in the end.

For her, life is what you make of it. And she did just that - made life’s happiness a priority, and moved on to achieve her goals without allowing the foreign language to be a barrier to her choices.

How to Learn with Your Child (From Infant to Preschool Age)

The most valuable information for parents. A simple and helpful learning procedure. Parents can learn together with their infants and toddlers. Children at this age need their parents. Learning with their parents can provide a very important part in a child's life.

Family Saga of an Indian Family

There are many kinds of people on this earth. But some families tend to be so cruel; they harbor much hatred for one another. This sad situation has once again become a part of the daily lives of most families. Not everyone understands the meaning of forgiveness and can let go of the past.

The pureness of emotions change. When certain issues can't be forgiven or forgotten, it is very hard to face anyone with guilt.

This family saga has been going on for a long time. Jealousy tore them apart. There were many issues that were not resolved. Their past seemed to come back often. What used to be can’t be changed. One should move on instead of dwelling about something that may only cause anger in what was once a loving family.

Aside from these titles, I have other published books. The complete list can be seen at my website at 

SittieCates: Which book/s was/were the easiest to finish?

Devika Primic: The Runaway Teenager and Family Saga an Indian Family.

SittieCates: Which one is your favorite and why?

Devika Primic: My favorite book is The Side Effects of Herbal teas and Indian Spices. It has information that can help anyone - provided, they seek medical advice before using any herb or spice. This book shows a natural way of relieving pain.

SittieCates: What’s your writing schedule? Is it an everyday thing? Or you write just when inspiration hits you?

Devika Primic: It is a daily routine for me. I spend a few hours on research and writing. I have made it as a job, and I really enjoy what I do.

SittieCates: What advice would you give to those who would like to venture into self-publishing online?

Devika Primic: Don’t give up when you receive honest criticism. It is the best way to keep going. The titles should be eye-catching and most helpful to any reader. Make sure the manuscript is edited to perfection, and has a good cover to sell your book. Never rush into getting your work published, but have a deadline to finish what you have started. Passion in writing allows you to continue daily with new ideas.

SittieCates: Any other things you’d like to share with us, Devika?

Devika Primic: In my opinion, you’ve got to crawl to walk tall. Writing is just like that. You start online, but you shouldn’t expect miracles right away. Time and efforts are required to gain your platform.

Don’t give up on writing. You will never know what is at the end of the tunnel. Remember to work your hardest in getting yourself known to the public. And have good titles and unique ideas. These are your keys to keeping your readers informed on a daily basis. 

SittieCates: Thank you, Devika! 

To those who would like to know more about Devika Primic, do head on to her website at

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